If you listen to my show or read me you have heard my philosophy of why we are here, if anyone wants the longer version message me in directly or in the comments and I will find the video.

In Summary: God by whatever your construct or definition needs us to create love energy, that is why we are here and that is why there is bad in the world because if someone doesn’t fall down then someone can’t pick them up.

I believe we are here to do this job and each time we come back we do it better every time because our soul is learning and leveling each time. The kinder you are the more advanced your soul and thus the more POSITIVE / LOVE energy you create mostly by helping others.

Mentor a young person

Teach someone how to better their situation

Give of your money and your time

Be there for someone that needs and ear or shoulder

Form a group of people that has a mission to help individuals DIRECTLY with money and more importantly ACTION, appreciation and gratitude.

Feel free to add your idea of creating love energy in the comments the ideas and projects are endless…

If no has told you they love you today … I love you and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about that.