Facts in life.
Blood doesnt make you family, it makes you related.

Lies are often told with a hand reaching out.

Not everybody that smiles at you is your friend, not everybody you fight is your enemy.

Having different opinions doesnt make anyone bad, how you go about it does.

Intentions dont equal righteousness, good intentions dont equal affect either.

One of the most flustering thing people experience is that they create their own deception to reality to form a false sense of comfort.

People have a right to lie, do wrong, and be malicious. It’s your responsibility if you allow them close to you.

People have a right to walk away from you as much as you have the same right to walk away from them. You arent entitled to anyone nor is anyone entitled to you.

The toxic people in your life are there cause you allow them to be there. Not everybody is meant to be in your life.

If someone does you wrong once, shame on them. If they do it twice, that’s your fault. You let them do it after the first time you let them stay.

Kids are not your validation in life. However when they are adults in their 20’s and 30’s reflect on how you raised them. Can be cause they wanted to be like you or nothing like you. Prepare them to be adults, not to be lil people for your self gratification. You will never let them grow for using them to feel great about yourself.

Understand the difference between a dream and a goal. Dreams happen in your head. Goals happen when you work towards them. Some people have this mistake with the distinction of them.

Money doesnt buy happiness but I never seen someone cry on a jetski but I have seen someone cry at an empty fridge.

Some same long distance relationships dont work but I seen a few that didnt in the same house.

You cant win the lottery if you dont play. Hence some people rather not attempt things so they dont fail. Failure is a chance. Not attempting just guarantees it.

And as always, my favorite lil nugget of wisdom…… sometimes we don’t get the answers we want cause we dont ask the right questions.