I very rarely take a picture of something, past included a love for diving as a PAID Master Diver and I went all over the world. I wasted lots of wonderful dives trying to get the right shot only to find 1000 better shots of the same shark in the same diver spot!

I gave away all my expensive dive photography stuff and kept a small point and shoot that I used to take photos of the people. I have a memory of my eldest daughter and I when she was sixteen standing on a wreak in Oahu with a yellow submarine behind her with a tourist face in every window waving at us. Best dive of my life and if you know me I have been on lots of cool dives.

Our world is full of wonderful tech, as always it is people over things that excites my memory.

No nasty calls or emails to the show from you Photographers out there, I know it is your thing and it is beautiful art, I am only sharing my experience about me for me only.