No one gets out of this thing alive….

The lucky ones get out fulfilled – Using the tools made available to us (Worldly goods / Money / Power) to make a difference in people’s lives and form that bond which with the love that bond creates is the only thing that gets packed away into the heart for the next leg of the trip.

You will need these provisions, as you pass through the inky black curtain and all the worldly power and positions will fall to the ground. On the other side are all the people that you loved and helped you will match up with the memories you have in your hearts and these people will be your new tribe this time.

Some will cross with no love in their hearts, no memories of helping others and they will not have people waiting for them, only a Reaper with an empty heart ready to match yours and take you down that cold river in his boat on inky water.

Find Someone … Help Them … It is more important than you will ever know.
In my experience…..