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However, this has come up so often on the radio show and in our groups that I am going to offer it here for free to everyone.
Client: “Mark, I am so busy that when I do get an idea or a concept to help my business by the time I lay down my head on my pillow at night after a long day of work and family obligations I have totally lost the fire for it or forgotten the whole thing, it is so frustrating! Do you have a tool or technique that can help me stay focused?”

Big Papa: “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus”
I have used and taught this technique to 100s of business people over the years and it just keeps getting better, back in the day I would use a tape player and record things and have my secretary transcribe them for use in meetings and product development sessions later.

Now the technology is here so everyone should be operating at this level and those that are not will find themselves losing business to those of us that do.

Here is to an early Christmas present to all of you out there that hustle for your dreams, if you would like more helpful content from my playbook that made me a millionaire is small business reach out to I know we can help you success too!

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Dictation to Word for Marketing content and monetizing and capitalizing on your business idea.

Unedited Voice To Text Example …….
Every morning when i get up the first thing that I do is I open a new Word document and I name it dictation and the date for that day now I leave it on my desktop until I come up with an idea or some kind of a project that I’m working on for a client or something I’m going to turn into content an publish then I hit the dictate button in the Top right hand corner or I use a bunch of readily available dictating programs that you can find on the Internet that are free and then I start dictating to the computer the ideas or the project that I’m working on and I allow the dictation program to type out all of the content in raw form which I’m going to leave this post raw from my dictation and not re edit it like I normally would when I publish it just to give you an idea of some of the things that I’m working on and how I publish the content and how I make it easier for me to get my thoughts and ideas and teachings out um without sitting in front of the keyboard and getting writers block and not being able to produce anything which I know a lot of people have issues with not being able to get their words down so I hope this helps I urge you to do this and uh get your ideas and thoughts about your business or your client in for interactions or new services that you want to introduce an ear business and get the raw thoughts down so that then you can go back afterwards clean them up and take action on some of the ideas that you have day after day and turn them into a reality and then start monetizing them and making money with them so have a great day and call me if you need me.


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