I have done personal and business coaching for years, it is very expensive and there are always too many students and too few hours in the day.

Peer to Peer group classes led by an expert coach have given me the opportunity to provide scaled train in a fun active environment with much less pressure on the individual mentee.

Even the very best need help in areas that are not in their wheel house.

Everyone needs help sometimes when you don’t know what you’re doing you have to hire A pro but sometimes when you need to become the pro then you need to hire A coach.

In business today most owners need to play all the positions and they need to play them well you may be good at selling real estate but you may need help branding yourself or reaching out to the market place flooded with hundreds of thousands of competitors even if you’re the best at what you do it is wise to get help in areas that will benefit you and get you more clients.

That’s where I come in my specialty is building small to medium size businesses against fierce competition in today’s world it’s guerrilla marketing through new media or social media and whether you need help buying ad clicks establishing campaigns tracking analytics setting up as CEO hiring managers of new media I can coach you through the entire process from beginning to end up over 40 key areas that we all need to be expert in today’s new media age.

Coaching is $100 an hour no contracts if we’re helping each other it’s a good Win/Win relationship that we keep established as soon as we’re not helping each other we both walk away.

I only work with limited number of clients at a time due to my time constraints in the other businesses that I ran if you are interested in getting on the list to start the coaching relationship please email me at mark@markhope.com

Coaching Classes for Your Team:

Are you on a team with the same mission and would like coaching as a group to help you achieve your goals guided coaching classes are available at $50 per person for up to 20 people per session.