This goes out to a good friend and Brother that is facing some betrayal from people that promise and oath of loyalty and turned their backs on him for selfish reasons and you know that you are on the right side of history.
If this helps anyone else that needs it please know there are good people that are wronged unfairly by bad people everyday and that is just the way God makes us stronger.

Use it to learn the lesson and move forward helping others and the positive impact that you have on the them will overshadow any crosses that the evil ones tried to make you carry.

YOU are powerful good and positive and the negative people in no way define who you are, your deeds and actions do and MANY people think of you everyday and smile in the knowledge that you helped them and they are grateful that you were there for them then and will be there for them in the future!

To you all .. You are making a difference, you matter, do not let anyone that is negative try and guide you off the path you are on.