Entrepreneur – Teacher – Expert in Debt Free Operations

Long ago in a time just after dinosaurs roamed free and just the introduction of the IBM XT personal computers I was working as an executive in a large corporation. I am not naming names as it was 25 years ago and who it was doesn’t matter anymore. I was in an insurance related business wearing a suit in my office in DC and it hit me, I hate this job! I started at the bottom after getting a 4 year degree from WSC and spending 2 years at USU after that I was hired as a manger trainee and paid $12,500 a year, thank God for all that school right?

I am only allowed limited space here so I will post the whole story somewhere else in this profile.

Long story short, I go out on my own start a business and get rich!

Even though I ended up as a CEO of a multi-million dollar company that has out lasted a long list of the big boys over the decades I still don’t wear a suit unless someone is getting married or died, because ties are just silly.

I had a boss from those days tell me, “Mark, it is not supposed to be fun, its work! If it was supposed to be fun it would be called play.” What an asshole.

My advice? Make sure you love what you are doing even if it is less pay in the beginning, the money will come, demand happiness.

ces they can afford in the hopes that as they grow larger we retain them as clients and everyone wins.

Now I help People

I consider myself to be retired and by that I mean I don’t do anything today that i don’t want to do and most of the things that I do involve making money and building businesses in relationships but if I don’t like it I don’t do it anymore.

What are my greatest joys in life is consulting and coaching especially entrepreneurs who are building their business in marketing and operations but my large frustration in that area is the firms and agencies that are available to these people are vastly overpriced that’s why I started my own marketing agency.

What makes my agency different is that is a subscription based monthly membership to an organization of mentors and coaches allowing wholesale pricing of services that small an growing businesses need at prices they can afford in the hopes that as they grow larger we retain them as clients and everyone wins.