I’m working on a project with the hope foundation (Yes my foundation) this project is going to help a local charity of our choosing by building a custom automobile and chronicling the restoring and modification of this car from concept to purchase to planning to modification then eventually to charity auction and sale. The proceeds of this benefit will go to worthy charity that will use the money to help others in our community. Examples of charities we are looking to support are Warriors or Adaptive adventures or the MC-1 Foundation.

The first car we have chosen will be a C2 Corvette with a resto MoD modification giving it a 63 split window rear window to make it an iconic restoration modification this will be a fun car and a fun build to do for the charity auction for the foundation.

This build will be very exciting to watch and will be presented to you in serial blog form as well as a series of YouTube and podcast shows. The Mark Hope Show follow along and provide a wonderful chronicle of the work and the cause. We will be providing you with information about how you can volunteer, participate and donate to the charity build and many more charity builds Like and subscribe to The Mark Hope Show on iTunes, Google Play, You Tube, LinkedIN and Facebook to get exciting updates on this great project.

Master Builder for this project will be: Lee Starvaggi