I’m talking to a guy today…. A hard-working nice guy, he was a stay-at-home dad for a number of years and after devoting himself to his kids his wife decided that she needed to have a divorce so he had to restart his career over again many years later .

Someone told me that he had not had a running car for the last 6 months and he had been commuting on Light Rail and the bus from Lone Tree to downtown, it was really snowing today so I offered to give him a ride home.

As I visited with him I tried to gain information about his situation without prying too much his car seemed to have the clutch go out and his estimation was that it would be too expensive for him to fix it as it was a 2002 Saturn Vue.

He said that he was waiting to get an another used car but was having trouble saving the money and would have to end up financing a car the and money that he was paying for public transportation was to make the car payment and gas.

This is not a charity case as this is a hard-working man with children and someone that never ever complains about his situation, he shows up for work does a great job however is one bedroom apartment is $1,400 he is cleaning up some credit card bills and life is just a little hard right now.

I feel compelled to become involved in this situation just to help another human being especially at this time of year if you are interested joining me in correcting this hardship for this young man please feel free to direct message me any mechanics or car dealers or other people that are just interested in giving a little some financial support to those willing to donate time fixing his old car or acquiring something else depending on what our group feels is best, please call me or direct message me your interest in helping someone in need at this time of year.

Sometimes when we are worried about our own problems we completely forget that there are people who are happily working very hard walking through a foot of snow to make sure did they get to the job that they need to take care of themselves and their children it was so Sobering for me.

Thank you for any consideration for this project of human kindness.