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Live Life To The Fullest

There are some that love me, some that tolerate me, even some that hate Big Papa.. IKR? There are NONE that can say I was not straight and genuine with them. If I told you something good or bad it was true and I meant it.

"We keep moving forward, we eliminate negative people and situations, when we have done a complete and fearless job of this a wonderful thing happens a positive vortex is created in our lives we never had room for before. After the change when darkness comes it is so easy to see now, we shine a light on it and it cowers and runs when faced with our new confidence."

Big Papa


Public Speaking

No one has ever changed the world without becoming a teacher. To be an effective teacher you must be dominantly successful in your craft.

The skilled mentor teaches the student what they have done, not what the student should do.


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Guided Coaching Classes

I have done personal and business coaching for years, it is very expensive and there are always too many students and too few hours in the day.

Peer to Peer group classes led by an expert coach have given me the opportunity to provide scaled train in a fun active environment with much less pressure on the individual mentee.

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Mark Hope Charities

It is my firm belief that participation in helping others is a crucial building block to personal success.

But MARK! You have no idea how many large checks I have written.

Good for you, I have as well, thank you.

When is the last time you dropped off your check and then put on an apron or held a hand or listened?

These are a list of organizations I donate my time and money to, my personal foundation is not listed here as it would be self-serving and is by invitation only.

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