Spend time with your people!

Do not wait too long or the child is grown and the dream is gone, same thing for parents and friends. Take some time.. You will be glad you did! #markhope #hope4home #markhopelifecoaching #goodstuff #wecanhelp #wecan 

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We are all in this together!

My favorite ending to a motivational speech is … “If no one has told you they love you today … I love you and there is anything you can do about that!” hashtag#markhope hashtag#hope4home hashtag#markhopeshow hashtag#marketinghope hashtag#goodstuff hashtag#helpingothers hashtag#wecanhelp

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Facts in life.Blood doesnt make you family, it makes you related. Lies are often told with a hand reaching out. Not everybody that smiles at you is your friend, not everybody you fight is your enemy. Having different opinions doesnt make anyone bad, how you go about it does. Intentions dont equal righteousness, good intentions…

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The Tree ….

The same tree throughout the seasons…. We are always the same person throughout our lives we are just different things to different people in different times. We are not supposed to be the same in our winter as we were in our summer, be the best version of yourself in the season of life you…

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Ask Mark ….

A listener asked me …. Mark, “Why do we work ourselves to death in the prime of our lives for the hope of no longer having to work once life has already passed by?” My Thoughts …… You must build a fortress when you are young and strong to protect you when you are old…

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