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The Tree ….

The same tree throughout the seasons…. We are always the same person throughout our lives we are just different things to different people in different times. We are not supposed to be the same in our winter as we were in our summer, be the best version of yourself in the season of life you…

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Ask Mark ….

A listener asked me …. Mark, “Why do we work ourselves to death in the prime of our lives for the hope of no longer having to work once life has already passed by?” My Thoughts …… You must build a fortress when you are young and strong to protect you when you are old…

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I wasn’t a cool kid ….

I was never one of the cool kids…. We were really poor and lived in the poor part of town. My Dad lost everything when I was in 5th grade because of alcoholism, it is the main reason I don’t drink. I need my kids and G-kids to be able to have a chance to…

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We get results for you Guaranteed!

Go viral with good content then advertise to those people, you need to build a brand and THEN suggest a business relationship. My firm can do that for you! Realtors – Lawyers – CPAs – Dentist – Car Sales – whatever do we can make you visible to 1000s of local customers like we have…

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Bad Things Happen To Good People Sometimes …

This goes out to a good friend and Brother that is facing some betrayal from people that promise and oath of loyalty and turned their backs on him for selfish reasons and you know that you are on the right side of history. If this helps anyone else that needs it please know there are…

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A Ride to Hope ….

I’m working on a project with the hope foundation (Yes my foundation) this project is going to help a local charity of our choosing by building a custom automobile and chronicling the restoring and modification of this car from concept to purchase to planning to modification then eventually to charity auction and sale. The proceeds…

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This is a Father’s Duty

We must teach them the good and the bad, the need to learn to be protectors of the small children or we have not only failed them, we have failed the world when we leave.

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